Impact investors, philanthropists, farmers and winegrowers

We are committed to the regeneration of our planet and society


 Our Philosophy

We catalyze regeneration through investing, philanthropy, and farming. As grape cultivators and winemakers, we understand that everything is connected and that the regeneration of our soils, plants, and community allows us to sustain and improve the cycle of growth year after year. We believe that we have an obligation to all people, all species,
and the environment, and that business at its best is conscious, compassionate, regenerative, and fun.



Our impact is expressed by the quality of the “fruit” that is produced. By caring for the plant and the system that supports it, we generate self-perpetuating productivity that does not deplete the resources that comprise the system.



The roots of the vine form its connection with the earth, the water and nutrients contained there. Our investments, philanthropy and farming support the healthy “root systems” of these ventures.

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The Whole System 

Each element of the system is integral to its being. No part can be discounted if balance is to be maintained through the cycle of continuous change. By supporting whole systems, we generate resiliency and raise consciousness of the interdependence of all things.



Soil is the medium in which plants take root. It is a living system. Healthy soils are as necessary to plant growth as sunlight. Our investments provide this balanced foundation to support healthy life cycles in our society and environment.

Philanthropic Giving

We invest our philanthropic funds and talents in empowering people so they can better care for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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