Empowering people to better care for themselves, their families, and their communities

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We have partnered with the Marin Community Fund to leverage their expertise, connections, and resources in achieving our philanthropic goals. For inquiries, please contact Megan DeGraeve:


Our giving is a natural result of the gratitude we feel for the abundance of love, support, and financial resources we have received from family, friends, and the businesses we have created and supported.

Together as a family we invest our philanthropic funds, time, and talents in empowering people, their families, and their communities. Geographically, we focus on the places where we live and areas of vulnerable people worldwide.

Selected organizations we support


MCE Social Capital

MCE Social Capital uses a pioneering loan guarantee model to fund micro-finance institutions that generate economic opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people, particularly women, in more than 30 countries.


KickStart designs and promotes low-cost, high quality irrigation pumps, enabling poor farmers in Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, and other African countries to irrigate their land, diversify crops, increase yields and incomes, and build a durable path out of poverty.



Voices provides healthy, welcoming, and lively community centers where foster youth have access to comprehensive housing, education, employment, and wellness services that enable a successful and supportive transition to life as an independent adult.