Regeneration of society and our earth is our mission at Meyer Family Enterprises. We believe that there is no other viable or compassionate path forward for our planet and civilization. We invite and inspire others to explore how all things in heaven and earth are connected. Regenerative businesses and farming naturally flow from this realization and world view.

We are proud that the financial resources we so carefully invest resulted from Silver Oak Cellars, a business Justin and Bonny Meyer founded, nurtured, and grew to a world-class producer of Cabernet Sauvignon. We are proud of the conscious business that produced these wines and the pleasure they have brought wine lovers since 1972.

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Bonny Meyer

Bonny Meyer, Principal of Meyer Family Enterprises, was a founder of Silver Oak Cellars where she and her late husband, Justin, grew Silver Oak from a dream to a world-class producer of Cabernet Sauvignon. They later founded Meyer Family Cellars with their son Matt, who is both manager and winegrower.  Bonny is committed to a 100% impact investment portfolio, which has evolved over the past fifteen years. This journey began with a few direct investments and has grown into a broad portfolio of individual companies, real estate, and managed funds. A strategic philanthropist, Bonny targets programs that empower at risk adolescents and adults. By empowering people with the resources, tools, and personal skills to thrive in society, these programs are catalytic in creating lifelong opportunities.



Stephen Hohenrieder

Stephen Hohenrieder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Meyer Family Enterprises, has spent the past twenty years investing and building businesses across a broad range of assets on behalf of families and their related entities. In 2007, in an effort to combine his background in agriculture, access to capital, experience in the capital markets, and his values, Stephen embarked on a journey to deploy private capital along the value chain of our food system in ways that would promote more regenerative land management practices, the production of healthy food at scale, and connect people to each. Since joining MFE in 2017, Stephen has leveraged his experience to lead the organization in ways that achieve the family’s investment goals, nurture people and our planet, and provide catalytic capital for the benefit of diverse stakeholders.

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